Dove siamo

Dove siamo: Associazione Amici del Monte Piana – Museo Storico all’Aperto m2325

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  1. I am in love….with the people, the place and most of all the culture.The first week was rough, hard work, lots of walking, got lost twice for about an hour each time, got kicked off a tram for not buying my ticket before boarding and missed the bus for a day trip but hey… get that. Arrived at accommodation and nobody spoke a work of english so was a bit difficult but I am learning, despacio, despacio (slowly, slowly) Because Indonesian is the only language I spoke other than English I keep answering in Indonesian when I am stuck..doesnt help really but hey all my Indonesian is coming back to me. One of my classmates is Italian and i did some night school lessons in Italian ages ago and that pops up every now and then too. Luckily when i say Gracis instead of Gracias they say Prego (Italian – no problem) I guess the language is close.Must away and order another vino and finish my correspondence. How was the retreat, do you feel enlightened and cleansed?? How is the Visa coming along?Bueno NocheKaren

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